A Theatre Event by Christopher McElroen & T Ryder Smith

Sound Designer: Matt Kraus

Video Designer: Simon Harding

Production Stage Manager: Sunny Stapleton

Cast: T. Ryder Smith & Dionne Audain

October 20 – 27, 2013 | Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts | Pittsburgh, PA

November 4 - 10, 2013 | Duke Performances | Durham, NC

Measure Back is a theatre-event by Christopher McElroen and T. Ryder Smith. It is an attempt to navigate a path between the citizen as spectator and the citizen as participant.  It is a theatrical event about war, and is devised nightly via interaction with our audience. The relation of the audience to the performers and to “the event” parallels our collective status as citizens trying to negotiate our responses to the wars waged in our names.

Produced by Christopher McElroen Productions, LLC in association with Micocci Productions, LLC.